"AirDUS" suggestion

Airline Name: AirDUS

Airline Description: After the bankruptcy of the second largest airline in Germany in October, some employees (Crews, Ground, Management) of that specific airline stood up against this tragic moment in aviation history. With the help of a well developed business plan and the necessary funding from banks and their own savings, it was possible to “revive” this airline. Due to law restrictions it was necessary to change the name and a little bit the layout of the airline. The disappearing red from the front to the end is just one reminder of old glory times. But the spirit and the passion of the airline and its employees remained the same! Currently AirDUS main hub is located in Dusseldorf, Germany (EDDL). The goal of the new (old) AirDUS is to become profitable as soon as possible. Therefor AirDUS concentrates on services which generate the most money. This consists of mainly touristic routes like South Europe, Turkey, Egypt. This flight’s are being operated by an Airbus A 320 fleet with just Economy Class. AirDUS also serves some long-range services. These consist of Florida, New York, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Barbados. The long-range services are operated by five Airbus A330-200. Passengers have the option to decide between Economy and Business Class. The main goal of AirDUS is to offer fair medium ranged prices to tourists and of course to keep the memory of …. alive!

Airline CEO Name: Bastian Rohry

Airline Design Image:


Haha, i see what you did there :wink:

haha, was the right time for that, i guess:grinning:

Well, “AirBerlin” is now a fictive airline. So why not go for it? :wink: just a joke

I dont realy get the logo. it looks odd.

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wasn’t sure if its ok to use that name. Well, to be honest i have no photoshop skill :joy: i just tried my best :slight_smile:

me to. so i can only judge an brag about the designs :wink:

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i seriously love this yes please!

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