Aircraft Pads freeze

OK a screen won’t help but I have been consistently running into a major PIA while playing. Aircraft get stuck on a pad and only way to resolve is to dismiss the aircraft then all may be good for a while but it consistently happens. This seems to only happen when I’m using terminals. Everything works well then for some reason a baggage truck gets stuck. Aircraft is in waiting for baggage load and the truck just sits there. I’ll have 10+ belt loaders and available so it’s not that. It also happens when I have remote services and either multiple passenger bus or service cars sitting in parking lot all available. Additionally I’ll have numerous Ramp Agents sitting around in the break room.

Only way to resolve it (saving and restarting no help) is to dismiss the aircraft which sometimes are multiple stands. Then of course the Airlines get pissed off.

Anyone else run into these issues? Seems to have shown up with the Beta release.

Just to make sure I understand you correctly, you mean that the aircraft get stuck on an aircraft stand and not a de-icing pad?

The baggage trucks get stuck, with remote stands the passenger bus and service vehicles will get stuck on the pad thus holding up the aircraft. Example the belt loader and baggage truck will both just sit on the pad. Ramp agents are available so that isn’t the issue

Can you drop me a bug report number?


Also side note, love the bug reporting system but you really, really need a way for the user to retrieve the history of their bug reports aka numbers.


You find anything?

I had a quick look at it and could not reproduce the issue on the latest beta version (beta 3), I’ll check again later today as we’re close to deployment but if I cannot reproduce it it’s either fixed or just this instance has been fixed.

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