Aircraft Completely Miss Runways at both 2x and 3x Speed

Hello guys,i have this bug which is that all the arriving aircraft miss the runway when running at both 2x and 3x speed. So i can only use 1x speed and it wastes a lot of time.

thank you.

Vhat game version are you playing with?


oh yea i didnt notice,now this problem seems to have fixed itself

The issue here is really about timing, the aircraft moves towards the runway and when it reached the touchdown zone it transitions from a flight state to ground state. However, on some rare occasions when speed is high or fps is low, the system “misses” the touchdown zone and the aircraft just keeps going. Then it finally flies to the end of the world and gets reset to try again. You could call it an accidental implementation of a missed approach so it would not be that unrealistic. :slight_smile:

We have tried setting some values and that has helped it to some extent but we still see some reports about it. It comes down to priorities in the end.