After Major bugs are fixed?

What exactly will the devs work on after they have fixed all bugs/performance issues:

  1. Continue to improve the rendering of the game?
  2. Add anything major they’ve been keeping from us for a while?
  3. Let us the community decide on what they could do next?
  4. Take time to decide what area of the game needs work on their own terms?
  5. Or work in the shadows and let us know whens something big is coming?

To be honest right now they should probably do 1 and 3 to start of as right now the community is the one who is giving ideas more and are asking for improvement in certain areas (no offence). :thinking:

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Yep, rendering is a fairly top priority. Yesterday we did some tweaking of the terminal foundation rendering. Hopefully this will give a few fps in the upcoming update.

We have always said that a feature vote would soon be public to allow the community to vote for most critical features.


This is very helpful not only for me but for more people curious right now as to what the future holds.


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