Hi guys, need some help.

Am trying to do the achievements and can’t get one.
Hilma af Klint - Color a vehicle.

I have painted a fuel truck but do not get the achieve. The fuel truck is now red instead of white in game but did not get the achieve. What am I doing wrong?

Here is a screen shot showing the fuel truck is now red:

Did you use the things in f9 and f10? That invalids the save

It does say Alpha 36.2-6.

I didn’t use any commands to invalidate … I just got the " And I would fly 500 miles" achiev with the same save

I have already 6 achievements, but colour painting didn’t work for me as well. Perhaps it’s something with the achievement’s definition…

I think I got mine for using paint brush from another vehicle and not for simply setting a color from the color picker.

I just brushed a vehicle in the field from the color palet.

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