ACEOMM - It is impossible to remove the airline

Hi! I have this problem. Installed ACEOMM. Made a package of European airlines. Then, when mods started appearing in the steam, I started uploading them from there. As a result, I don’t get all the mods that I added in the steam. I can’t delete the ACEOMM package. I even deleted ACEOMM, the airlines remained. And I really want to play with mods from steam.

In which folder are the files with the airlines? How do I delete files that were installed using ACEOMM?

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Mods I think from ACEOMM are not in the same location in Workshop mods. I know where they are on a Mac if that helps?

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Thank you for your feedback, but I have Windows =(


Good sir,

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Select the C drive (or the main drive where your operating system is installed)
  • Select the “Users” folder
  • Select the user you are logged in as
  • Go to the top of the window to the “view” and ensure that Hidden Items are checked
  • Select the “App Data” folder
  • Select the “Roaming” Folder
  • Select the “Apoapsis Studios” folder
  • Select the " AirportCEO" Folder
  • Select the “Mods” folder

ANd delete whatever you want here. It will not affect your Steam Mods at all. This is where all mods start, and then are uploaded into Steam for all to enjoy!

There’s nothing there =(

It’s drastic, but unsibscribe from all the steam mods and see what happens. Remeber to cancel all contracts as well

Not help. All the same contracts
I had ACEOMM installed on another computer. And when I downloaded the game in steam on my Computer, the settings were copied from that computer.

It is not in the Apoapsis Studios folder, it should be in the Steam folder.

I am a mac user but it should be similar from Roaming.
Roaming > Steam > steamapps > workshop > content > 673610.
It should be somewhere like that and you need to go and look at each folder.

Hope this will help @UmKa.

I’m not exact sure on Windows, but it should be somewhat similar…


On Windows, the standard Steam folder would be this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Airport CEO\Airport CEO_Data\DataFiles\Companies

Thank you! It helped me, I deleted the extra airlines!

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just a note, there are just a few airlines from ACEOMM that are not available on steam…
and the ACEOMM Airlines are not really accurate cause it is an old tool… so i guess better to use only steam mods?

Thanks for the advice. I am one of the first players in this game. Installed airlines when there were no more mods in Steam :slight_smile:

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