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And just in time for this Maldives Intl Airport that I recently worked on from a save by Glugeck!

And here it is, being serviced at the Maldives Intl:


===New Tweaks Aircraft Updates===

  • Eastwind Airways (Fictional) receive A350-900ULR
  • Scenic Air Switzerland receive PC6
  • Solyom Cargo (Fictional) receive SAAB340F
  • VIASA receive DC10


===PanAm Update===

  • improved ATR42 on PanAm Express
  • Add B737-200
  • Add DC10

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===DC10 Updates (Tweaks only)===

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===LATAM Group Update===

  • fleet updates on all subsidaries
  • improved A320 Family (tweaks: randomly no winglets)
  • add A320neo (tweaks only)
  • add A321neo (tweaks only)
  • B767-300ER instead of B767-300 (tweaks only)
  • LATAM Cargo generic subsidary contract with B767-300F (Tweaks only)

===Ethiopian Airlines Update===

  • fleet adjustment
  • improved B737-800
  • add A350-900 SL Star Alliance
  • add B737-700 (tweaks only)
  • add B737 MAX 8 (tweaks only)

New Contract:
Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services (tweaks only)

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Let the heli-party begin :partying_face:

Starting with Bristow Helicopters from the UK


yeah let’s have a party!

British Airways Helicopters (Ceased) with CH47

@Fredrik thanks for those great MDKs!

Gimp/Old PS files are allready available on the ACEO Modding Group share, just PM me…


REGA Ambulance receive AS350


===Air Greenland / Gronlandsfly Retro Helicopter Update===

  • add AS350 to Air Greenland
  • add Bell206 to Gronlandsfly


Heli Academy (former Heli Sitterdorf AG & Heli-Züri AG)
a VIP Taxi and flight school company from Switzerland with Robinson R44


Cougar Helicopters from Canada with
S-92 in 2 Liveries

Swiss Helicopters with

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New mods:

RAF-Avia from Latvia with Saab340, Saab340F and converted ATR72F (grey and blue logo)

Irish Coast Guard (Ambulance) (Helicopters DLC)

Sun-Air of Scandinavia with DO328 Jet (Tweaks only!!)


===Aeroregional (now tweaks only)===

===American Airlines===

===Ibom Air===


===Sky Mali (now tweaks only)===

===Zimex Aviation===

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===Aerotecnica SA===
A Helicopter maintenance and charter airline from Venezuela with Bell206

===AirCal Tweaks Update===

  • add B737-100
  • add B737-200
  • add B737-200C
  • add B737-300
  • MD81 & MD82 instead of generic MD80

===Sunrise Airways Update (now tweaks required)===

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Don’t know if possible but:
I play a lot on the Faroer Islands. They have the Airline “Atlantic Airways” which is on the workshop.
BUT: I’d love a version, where this airline just not only has A320 (+A320 neo) but also the A350 (900 and 1000).
In real life they don’t have any, but maybe as an “extended version” in ACEO? :smiley:

Air Mountain from Switzerland with
Piper Cub & PC6


New Cargo only airlines:
MSC Air Cargo and AeroLogic, both with B777F

Air Alps from Austria operating DO328

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Raya Airways - a cargo airline from Malaysia
(tweaks only!) with B737-400SF, A321P2F and B767-200SF