ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

Loving your work so far! the eye for detail is crazy!

Would like to request A330 and B777 aka BigBirds for Etihad. Love their livery and the work of @modair on the A320!

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We gonna put it on our list and do it new because modair has no time anymore for modding… But first we need the ability to mod the big birds… Stay tuned


lol, I got @dawed saying “stay tuned” now. haha :joy: Ps. I like the small birds! thanks for getting wings for the DHC6!!!

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Singapore Airlines is up


Thank you for Singapore Airlines but can we now have Cathay Pacific

There are 2 mod on steam with Cathay Pacific, please check thread
And the Excel List inside there… Cathai Pacific are just 2 mods that aren’t done by the ACEO Modding Group…

BTW, big birds aren’t moddable yet, so please be patient… We gonna put Cathay Pacific on low prio on our trello

As @dawed said we don’t have the files to mod big birds yet. We have many we want to get done, but until we get the actual livery files. we cannot make them. As soon as we get them, we will start making the big bird liveries. Stay tuned :smiley:

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Hahaha now i got @twocflyer saying “stay tuned”

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U.S. Airport Logos! Subscribe today!

More to come when I have more time! Request the US Airport logo you would like added below!


They will look GREAT on your Vehicle!

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Hey @twocflyer could you do a smaller but still international airport called SJC. Thanks.

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I will add San Jose to it as soon as I can


I had some extra time @win_win … Added 2 versions of SJC. Hope you like!



TwoCflyer, could you do canadian airport logos? i frequently fly from edmonton

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Sure, ill add a Canadian Pack soon!

Thanks! :smiley:

YAY TAMPA!! G0 Tampa

@twocflyer is there a possibility that you could do Minneapolis St. Paul International airport? Thanks :grinning:

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Decided to change to North American Airport Logos and here are 4 additions


@WillTheGamer added 2 versions of EIA!
@wiirocks86 added MSP!