A lot of Ideas

After playing it 43 hours, I have some Ideas for the future of Aiport Ceo!
I dont know, if some of them got already posted, sorry for doubleposts!

1.Better structure for employese to see the amount e.g. securities and the function to recruit automaticaly the right amount of employees when you have a HR Director. (can also be with a button)

  1. Airport cars for Ramp Agents (to procure these staff cars can be unlocked with the baggage handling system)

  2. Medium stands without passenger boarding bridges, so you can build them without having a airport connection. Passengers can reach them with

  3. airport busses (stands without passenger boarding bridges and airport busses can be an procurement)

  4. Underpass for service roads(make it easier to expand the airport)

  5. Different Levels for the conveyor belts so you can let them cross easiely.

  6. The function to mirror the items for placing. Especially for the vehicle checkpoint.

  7. Procurements for the upgrade of the public airport infrastructure (e.g. Train station to the city, car parks, second city road junction, one directions, special place on the south of the map for these expansions)

  8. cargoflights and transshipment center (cargo from aircraft to train/truck and from train/truck to aircraft)

  9. City train (metro) to connect different parts of the airport

  10. VIP Areas and all stuff for VIPs (like Security checks, Check In’s, Lounges …)

Greetings from Austria
PS: Sorry for my bad englisch :wink:


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