A few questions

Okay, two questions since I’m new this game and I’m a little confused

Firstly, My airport staff just seem to be sitting around and claiming they cannot get to their work location. Could you possibly find the issue here?

Secondly, it says I don’t have a gate set up for commercial flights. (Ignore the medium sized gates) However, I have zoned the whole area and made sure it is perfect. Could you also point out what is wrong there too?

Many thanks,

Welcome to the forums Matthew :slight_smile:

Which staff in particular are not able to get to their work location? It could just be that they don’t have any assigned jobs yet?

With the boarding gates have you:

  1. Connected the boarding desk with the stands (either the medium or small ones).
  2. Selected the option for commercial flights on the stands that you want to use for commercial flights?
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No worries! I started a new game and all is well (at the moment). Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


All good, let us know if you run into strife with other issues :slight_smile:

Suggestion for future posts with routing issues; post screenshots with zoning enabled ;).

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