A complete rework of the difficulty system

So, Atm easy, medium and hard is basicly the same. No diffrence. Only you have to wait longer to make the same airport on hard. Instead easy should give you like 5k every hour and instead of being called easy, Call it goverment funded. Starting with 2.5million. Medium will be investers. They invest money and want it back. Gives you 10million to start but you have to pay 2.5k every hour. Hard should be a privatly owned airport that starts off with a runway and nothing else, You get 50k. You have to pay 50$ every hour for rent. Also everything costs more and you need to advertise your airport to attract airliners and passangers. Also you need to keep everybody happy else you will get less passangers and airliners.

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Economy system is on it basics. Devs said that in future, economy, gameplay, incidenst, actions and other things will be related with game level.


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