67 stands: CVM Airport

Yeah. 4 runways, 66 functional stands (1 in construction).

-16 small to terminal
-45 medium to terminal
-3 medium remote
-3 General Aviation

Peak on the screenshot is slightly above 11k passengers.

Each finger has its own security entrances, and 2 fingers share an arrivals and check-in concourses.

Nothing more to say, just worked a lot on this airport. Next time i will get some floor design.

With an core i7-8700k and a 1080ti it runs at 7 - 8 fps.


Daytime foto pls :smiley:

Wow. Nice work.

Could you provide some more detailed screens, pls…
I’d like to see daytime, too, and zoning, and more details of one finger…

Furthermore I’d like to know how check-in is working. It is working fine with only one check-in desk per medium stand?
And your flight planner would be interesting, too. What problems did you face with schedueling flights?

I’m very much into building huge airports, too, and yours is really looking impressive…

Nice design and good looking airport! How is the lag with 11K+ PAX and the delays?

The delays in this one are huge. All flights with +120min of delay, and i found it was because i have joined all the security entrances into one big security zone (Like in real airports…) If you see, there is a connection between all the secure zone and passengers try to enter randomly into the checkpoints, so passengers boarding in like, the finger 6 check and then go to another finger to pass trough security and that delays a lot the flights. And the service vehicles pathfinding also has a lot to see, because some vehicles almost run the whole airport from side to side just to go to their working place.

However, this is a past project and haven’t tryed it with the last update. I’m currently working in this one:

that uses the same principle, but security is centralized just passing check-in.

And the lag… 2 - 3 fps with 11k passengers.
Well, i have a 1080ti and core i7-8700k processor and the game altough it does not crash, but is reaaaaally slow.

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Looks nice as well, do you also have some daytime screenshots?

Just curious, why did you choose to have one big secure zone? Normally that is also separated based on terminal or region in a RL airport and especially in ACEO it cuts down massively on delay’s if you separate secure zones. Don’t make the mistake though to only place 1 security station for a zone, as when they take their break it could be that a couple of PAX miss their flight or it is delayed. :wink: Would be nice to set working hours per station or at least per zone.

Hopefully the new ‘Person rendering and movement overhaul’ update will bring us the option to run these large airports in it’s full.

Why do people always post night shots?

Mainly because of Mexican airports.

For example, Mexico City Airport has 2 terminals: all stands share the secure area in each terminal, and it has, in terminal 1 6 entrance points and 4 in terminal 2. This is because of most flights from/to MEX are connecting somewhere.

But, the second largest of México, Cancún (CUN) is a final destination airport, it does not have so much connecting flights and it has 3 terminals and they’re building the 4th one, all with separated security areas.

So, i’m most focusing on international-HUB style airports where you go off a plane and just go to the other door without having to go by security again.

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On daytime you are busy watching the game, fixing things and figuring out why flights are delaying.

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