6.0-2 Gameplay UI Settings bugs


I haven’t played in a few weeks, and today I loaded up 6.0-2 build. I went into the Gameplay Settings, and noticed 3 issues in this screen

  1. Auto save interval says in minutes, however the slider is a percentage.
  2. The slider for auto save interval as well as passenger per flight ratio appear to have improper percentages. I have my UI scaling at 100%, and 1920x1080 resolution and it is hard to see exactly what is says still…but the percentages look more like in the 1000s instead of 100. For example, in the screenshot below, auto save interval looks like 5,000% to me.
  3. In the Unit System drop-down, Imperial and Metric are both listed twice. It shows Metric, Imperial, Metric, Imperial.

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This will be fixed in the next update! :slight_smile:

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