45 Degree Taxiway Nodes

Feature request title:
45 Degree Taxiway Nodes

_The ability to draw taxiway nodes/lines on the tiles that are at a 45 degree angle to the center tile, as well as the 90 degree ones. _

Why it should be implemented:
_Everybody has been aiming for realism as well as unique layouts for their airports, taxiways, and runways. By adding this feature, we could have smoother turns, as well as unique layouts.

To implement this, I do not know how much coding would be needed, but it would add the option to drag and drop taxiway nodes not only on the next top, bottom, left, or right tiles, but also the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right tiles. By doing that, and strictly doing it at 90 degrees or 45 degrees, you eliminate the hassle of trying to drag and drop and calculate for every single tile near by.

I think we can all also agree that by doing it this way, any zigzag taxi ways that people have done can be replaced with this option, and will not result in planes doing the serpentine._

Images, references or additional content:
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