13 minute thunderstorm COMPLETELY ruins the schedule



You as CEO are required to manage your schedule and bring in normality. And if it’s not possible, you may have to cancel some flights. Same as in real life.

That’s the whole thing of emergencies, to “disturb” your current plans and force you to do something to fix your smoth running airport.

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13 Mins for a storm, I had a two hour IRL delay at Wellington due to a sleet storm. The storm was amazing really, just meant I had two hours less in Melbourne. The plane from Australia could not land due to the storm. The whole board shared the same delays.

EDIT: I also had a week in Melbourne on my way to Wellington due to a volcano in South America closing NZ airspace three months prior to that storm but that’s a different story.

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As no-fun correctly states, the behavior is intended as a disruption event and can either cause very prolonged grounded flights or come and leave as a short micro burst. There will be a mayhem in the schedule which you are expected to sort out. If you want to avoid this you can lower the difficulty level or disable incidents altogether when starting a new game! :slight_smile:

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